WordWheel: A fun free crossword puzzle game

This fun and addictive crossword game in the PuzzlePal app challenges you to spell words to fill in the crossword puzzle. A relaxing word game to play and to train your brain!
A fun free crossword puzzle game
The best Wordscapes alternative

How to play a Wordwheel puzzle?

Wondering how to play WordWheel? The basic objective is to spell words with which to fill in the crossword puzzle. You use the letter wheel to spell words. Swipe the letters until the whole word is spelled.

Start by putting your finger down on the first letter. Then, holding your finger down, swipe to the next letter. Continue until the whole word is spelled. Then release your finger to enter it.

A fun brain exercise with an easy start and challenging level ups! Stuck? By using the hints in Wordwheel, you get a nudge in the right direction.

Bonus words: Valid words that are not in the puzzle will be counted as bonus words!

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How many levels are there in WordWheel?

With over 1200 levels, you can binge play your way through WordWheel and surprise yourself and others with your increasing spelling skills and ever-growing vocabulary. So, fun and addictive, while also good for your writing and reading skills. 

Ad-free crossword puzzles

As with all the games in the PuzzlePal app, Wordwheel is completely ad-free. No annoying interruptions or waits between levels, it’s all about the game. It’s you-time!