WordPile: a fun free word search game

A fun new word search game in the PuzzlePal app that challenges you to find words in all directions of the board. The goal is to remove all the letters from the board by finding words hidden in them!
A fun & free word search game
The best Word Stacks alternative

How to play a WordPile game?

Each round in this fun word search game comes with a theme and hidden words related to this theme. Words can be found in all directions in this game. As you find a word and it disappears, new words will become available to find.

Swipe letters horizontally or vertically on the board to select the word you’ve found, and it will disappear from the board. The found word will appear on the top of your screen in one of the word placeholders.

The letters around the found word will move to fill the free space left on the board.

Words cannot be selected in the opposite direction. I.e. banana cannot be selected by swiping in the ananab direction.

In case you get stuck, you simply tap the hint icon on the bottom right. This will shuffle the words on the board and make it easier to get back on track.

Bonus words: Found words that are not a part of the theme will count as bonus words.

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How many levels are there in WordPile?

With over 300 levels, you can just keep on playing WordPile, learn more words and get better at spelling as you get further!