Tectonic ®: a challenging free sudoku alternative

The tectonic puzzle is the ideal puzzle for those who like to explore logical puzzles. With in fact only one rule: adjacent boxes may never contain the same numbers. With tectonic you have found a fun alternative to sudoku. The principle is simple, solving it is a fun challenge!
Tectonic - the Sudoku alternative
Tectonic puzzles as a fun Sudoku alternative

How to play a Tectonic ® puzzle?

When playing a tectonic puzzle, just like with sudoku, you may enter a limited number of numbers.

Whereas in sudoku the numbers 1 to 9 are the standard numbers, in tectonic puzzles these numbers depend on the number of boxes a block is made up of. The tectonic puzzle is made up of blocks of different sizes, from one to five boxes.

The aim is to fill in the tectonic puzzle in such a way that adjacent boxes never contain the same numbers. Not even diagonally. Adjacent boxes must therefore contain a different number.

Tectonic tips: PuzzlePal also offers handy tips during the game to get even more fun out of your tectonic puzzle.

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