Nonograms: Fun free Japanese picture puzzles

The goal of each nonogram puzzle in the PuzzlePal app is to reveal a hidden picture by filling in the correct cells. Eliminate boredom with hundreds of challenging Japanese puzzles!
Fun free Japanese picture puzzles
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How to play Nonograms?

Here’s how to play Nonograms: the clues on the edges of the nonogram puzzles tell you how many cells must be filled in each row and column. Each number in the clues indicates a group of filled cells. You can fill a cell by tapping it.

Groups of cells must be separated by at least one empty space. The order of the clue numbers must match the order of the filled cell groups.

When you are certain that a cell must not be filled, you can tap it again to flag it. Tap once again to remove the flag. Tap and drag to paint multiple cells at once.

By using the hints in Nonograms, you get a nudge in the right direction to solve the puzzle.

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How many levels are there in Nonograms?

Bring out the artist in you and draw more than 500 pretty pictures while playing your way through the many Nonograms levels.