ColorLink: A fun free connect-the-dots puzzle game

In this challenging puzzle game in the PuzzlePal app you create a flow by connecting pairs of the same color. Swipe connections between same colored dots. A relaxing game to tease your brain!
A fun free connect-the-dots game
The best Flow Free alternative for your iPhone

How to play ColorLink?

The simple game UI invites you to swipe a link between the colored dots. The correct solution to solve a puzzle will always fill the whole board.

Swipe to draw a link and swipe on an existing link to modify or remove it. Links break if they cross or overlap. So if you swipe over an existing connection between two dots, it will disconnect to make room for your latest link.

As you connect more dots of the same color, you’ll find out fast enough that each level comes with its own fun and unique challenges!

By using the hints in ColorLink, you get a nudge in the right direction. Making sure that you can always keep on playing.

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How many levels are there in ColorLink?

Once you get going at ColorLink, you’re sure to enjoy each and every one of the close to 900 challenges that come your way. Get in the flow while getting even better at connecting the dots.