About the PuzzlePal app

The PuzzlePal app is your daily dose of fun that exercises your brain. It’s fast-paced and exciting. Designed to make you smarter. Play daily puzzles and train your brain. It’s you-time.
Enjoy the many fun and addictive games of the PuzzlePal app

A PuzzlePal for every puzzle enthusiast!

Whether you’re a power-player or just a casual player looking to pass the time, the custom levels in each of the games make sure the challenges match your skill level!

Classic puzzle games

The games are based on some of the most popular classics out there. Complemented with a twist and amazing design to make sure the gameplay is amazing as well!

Endless levels of fun

PuzzlePal offers 6 difficulty levels. You are given a starting difficulty level on each game category when you first start playing. Each game you complete, may move you up or down in difficulty.

Useful hints are there to help you to push your skill level up even further. Intuitive controls let you focus on getting the most fun out of the games.

Current PuzzlePal Games

Current games include a variety of word and logic games to make sure you won’t get bored. Not even for a second. Discover each of the fun casual games below and rest assured that more are coming!

Make time fly by playing these fun and addictive brain teasers!

Brought to you by Keesing Digital

PuzzlePal is brought to you by Keesing Digital, part of Keesing Media Group, Europe’s market leader of puzzles and braintainment games, with almost a century of experience in making smart and fun games for players of all ages.