Bridges puzzles: Fun free logic puzzles

Bridges is an addictive logical puzzle with simple rules and challenging solutions! The goal of Bridges in the PuzzlePal app is to build bridges between the islands. No math skills required. Are you ready for the challenge?
A fun free hashi logic puzzle
The best Linkdoku alternative

How to play a Bridges puzzle?

Here’s how to play Bridges: in this puzzle game you connect islands by drawing bridges between them and creating a flow. Pair the colors and connect them all to solve the flow puzzle. A relaxing game to tease your brain.

Connect islands by drawing bridges between them. Each island lists the number of bridges that must connect to it. All islands must be interconnected as a single group to win. Pair the colors and connect them all to solve the flow puzzle.

Swipe between two islands to add a bridge. Next, swipe again to create a double bridge. Swipe once more or tap to remove a bridge. As you create more bridges between the islands, you’ll soon discover that it’s not always as straightforward as you thought.

By using the hints in Bridges, you get a nudge in the right direction. A relaxing logic puzzle to tease your brain.

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How many levels are there in Bridges?

The close to 2000 levels are sure to entertain you even through the most boring of times. Improved logic skills are only a swipe away!